Garment Info & Care Instructions

We encourage you to love your garment and continue to wear it for many years in order to reduce your carbon footprint. 

We are Eco-conscious: 

The print on the garments are DTG, which is a more sustainable form of printing that sprays the ink onto the garment using inject technology. The inks then soak into the fibers of the garments. The printers we use produce almost zero wastewater and use less energy than standard forms of printing. Other benefits of DTG is that the print lasts many years without breaking or fading off.

Color Garments:

Wash inside-out on cold. Do not tumble dry, we recommend air drying. Iron inside out, steam iron recommended. 

White Garments:

Wash inside-out on warm. Do not tumble dry, air dry recommended. Iron inside out, steam iron recommended.