Just like you we also have family and friends that are health care workers (HCW), we’ve heard some tragic stories and heard about the stress due to so many aspects of the pandemic. The scarce resources is new to us, as a first world country we’ve never been short on resources in the last two decades. This is the time to help out our neighbours and focus on giving, rather than what I get in return.

In order to support our HCW continue helping our families, friends, and neighbours, they need the right personal protective equipment (PPE). We see cries on social media of HCW short on face masks, and there is really nothing more important right now than contributing to keeping them safe.

We want to make some sort of impact, so for the time being, with every garment purchased, we’re going to go out and purchase an N95 Mask to donate to a hospital in a city that has been hit the hardest by this pandemic.

As we’re writing this, it looks like New York City is getting hit the worst, so that will be the first choice. We will keep you updated via Instagram and our blog.

Thank you for your contribution.